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Our Mathematics Challenge feedback sessions are being scheduled. More details can be found on our Mathematics Challenge section.


About us

We are well-wishers of children working together without bias and without any political agenda.

We focus on:

• Building an educational network for all children
• Advancing Mathematical skills and Scientific thinking
• Providing educational facilities to impoverished schools in North and East Sri Lanka
• Promoting moral and ethical standards
• Protecting all children from social abuse
Children's Well-wishers Network (CWN)

Our Values

* We deliver for children

* We are professional and innovative

* We work openly and collaboratively

* We treat everyone with respect

Our Principles

* Principle of Abundance and inclusiveness

* Principle of Sharing and learning

* Principle of Action not position

* Principle of Giving rather than taking

Our Trustees

Swami Rajendra
Jehan Rajendra

Our Volunteers

We proudly name our volunteers who have donated their time and effort to help us achieve our educational goals.

Our Volunteers (Click Here)

Our Code of Conduct

* We work for all children. We promote moral and ethical standards of all.

* We publish only credible, copyrighted materials and our own concrete completed achievements.

* We give the credits proportionally to all without seizing their efforts or resources.

* We work together without bias and without any hidden political agenda.

* We will behave responsibly. We will protect our children from social abuse.

* Our web presence is just to help our children for their future in real terms.

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