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Our Gratitude

CWN spirit

In our long journey of developing our disadvantaged children in education we need to be proud of our achievements so far. This page lists out some of our achievements that we were be able to deliver with your commitment in a short period of time.

Thanks to all who helped us by understanding our defined principles and values.

We are impartial and our aims are noble.

We liaise with educational authorities through proper channels and will continue to help our school children without disrupting school administration.

Our focus is the educational achievement of our children. We will show them the right path fit for their future.

We ensure:

1. All goods and services that we deliver are added to school inventories.

2. Proper maintenance and safeguarding of them are in place within their lifetime.

3. Acknowledgements are documented to make all accountable for what they receive.

Please follow the links (on the right / below) to cherish our achievements with all. Also please share your life experiences openly with your kids. Let them know how we lived, shared and worked together once upon a time. Our children are our hopes and our pleasure.

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