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J/Chithambara College

Network Project I

Chithambara College - ADSL Network Router

The internet contains a wealth of resources that can aid students during their lesson time and during their own time outside teaching hours. Ever since the internet was utilized by schools around the world Chithambara College has remained excluded, relying on external facilities and outdated methods of communication.

As a result of our achievements in the Network projects we have now successfully provided safe internet access to our Principal (Phase 1), teachers and students (Phase 2) of Chithambara college for the first time in our school's history. Both phases were completed on time and within budget.

In the first phase of our project we provided the facilities for our Chithambara College Principal to access the internet safely and communicate at any time.

This phase included the following:

* Installation of new SLT ADSL line and router providing Broadband access to Principal's office
* Installation of new power sockets for ADSL router and office computers
* Provision of equipment for Principal to communicate via Skype
* Upgrade of operating system on office computers and installation of website filtering software

This network project was funded by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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