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J/Chithambara College

Network Project II

Chithambara College - Network Cabling

One of the main barriers in sharing resources was the lack of network infrastructure.

Phase 2 of our Network project connected the isolated teaching rooms to the Principal's office. This allowed for resources to be shared easily between the classrooms, and provided internet access to all students and teachers.

To prevent unauthorized access we installed network security and web filtering software on all computers. Children can now learn independently accessing the internet safely. If the internet is utilized appropriately we will see increased academic excellence.

This phase included the following:

* Installation of 90mm underground pipe (and manholes) to house the new power and network cables
* Installation of a 180 feet Cat 6 Network Cable between Principal's office and PC LAB (underground)
* Installation of licensed Network Security software on all computers
* Upgrade of operating system to Windows 7 on all computers
* Network cabling ( CAT 5 ) for the PCs to connect the switch
* Installation of power sockets for office computers and network switch
* Provision of LCD monitors for office usage

This network project was funded by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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