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Power Backup

Chithambara College - Power Backup

Another barrier to the effective administration, that still exists in VVT, is frequent power cuts.

Our children's education is ruined by loss of power directly and indirectly. To eliminate the struggle our administration suffer with power loss we have provided a power backup to office by installing:

* Battery Bank - 2 Exide Ultra 85 Ah Battery
* Inverter (loaned from VEDA) -- INVEREX 2000 24V 230V(Built-in 8Amp super charger for up to 100Ah battery)
* Battery Shelf with 3 tracks(Made by galvanized steel pipe)
* Inverter power supply wiring and ac wall out let for Office PC and Admin PC

This has prevented communications with education authorities being interrupted. Also it enabled the school administation to perform their duties (photocopying, registrations, etc) without the need to take their work elsewhere, hence saving a lot of time.

This project was funded by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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