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Another barrier to the delivery of effective teaching and learning is frequent power cuts.

To support our broadband network access 24/7 and to promote independent learning outside school hours we need uninterrupted electric power. We cannot let our children's education are ruined by blackouts. It is our duty to eliminate the power struggle our children face at VVT.

This phase included the following:

* Generator Room Renovation: Interior wall Leveling, Replacing new windows with window frame, new front doors with door frame and front side wall.
* Generator Room Painting
* Power Control System: Two 32 Amp Ahura Changeover for PC LAB and Office (main and generator power)
* 100M[7085 - Copper] electrical cable installation[Underground]: Generator room to office and PC LAB
* Generator Room Power Control Board: Two 40Amp - 415Voltage Automatic Circuit Breaker with Indicator bulb
* Diesel Generator[4.5kVa] - Lister Petter - LLP 4.5(Air cooled generating set; 12 V electric starting system)
* Generator operation and maintenance trained by KOOLAIR technician

This have already resulted in motivation of learning in our students and teachers. We can now expect better academic results in our children.

This project was funded by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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