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J/Chithambara College

Classroom Materials

During our visit in February 2012, we witnessed our children were sitting on floors, being taught without proper chairs, display boards, etc.

Teachers requested us to provide them the minimum classroom furniture to help these children. As per their request, with the help of Valvai Nalanpuri Sangam (UK), we have now provided the following:

* 15 Classroom cupboards
* 12 Display boards
* 06 Cupboards (Library)
* 06 Tables (Library)
* 24 Chairs (Library)
* 25 Chairs (Multimedia Room)

Thanks to all who helped our future children sit on chairs. Now teachers can safely store their classroom materials in their classes and children can access them with ease. These display boards will enhance their teaching too.

This project was organised and advanced by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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