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J/Chithambara College


Chithambara College - New Photocopier

When we visited our school in last February we found that our school was functioning without a photocopier.

Local confidential papers (e.g. examination paper) could not be printed in school. We heard that it had been the situation at least since August 2011. In fact there were two Toshiba machines but they were not functioning. They had gone beyond repair as they were not maintained properly. We called in service engineers to repair but they could not do so.

We had heard one of the photocopiers was that of old students' association (OSA) so we approached them, and on their request, we replaced it with a brand new Toshiba machine. We also purchased a service contract and handed it over to our school.

The teachers and school administration are now much benefitted by our new photocopier. They have also been trained to maintain the photocopier properly in future.

Thanks go to VVT (OSA) members and VVT Urban Council vice chairman who helped us in our search for a good replacement.

This project was funded by Jehan Rajendra.

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