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For more than 46 years Chithambara College is being discriminated by a few people in power. In the past the real educational resources such as teachers, helpers and materials were diverted to other schools by a few authorities for their political or personal reasons. Fortunately now we have better people in the education sector. However still our school suffer from lack of teachers, admin staff, lab assistants, cleaners, care takers, librarians etc.

In the meantime our Chithambara College Old Students Association (OSA) has appointed (and pays) for 5 voluntary teachers and 1 sports trainer. This helps our school to survive. If our school did not have their support over the last few decades, our A Level science school might have been shut 12 years ago.

Now our principal has appointed a capable final year science student on a voluntary basis to teach our kids taking A Level examinations in ICT. We (CWN) helped the principal to find a keen student after searching various universities and schools. Now our A Level ICT students can be tought the subject at school without needing private tuition.

Thanks again to OSA who provide help with limited resources for these children without seeking publicity.

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