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Mahalir Maha Vidyalayam

Network Project

Mahalir Maha Vidyalayam - ADSL Network

Children and teachers from Mahalir M.V. too have been isolated from outside world. Although they had computers and ICT teacher they too were learning ICT on standalone computers. They could not share the resources or work together collaboratively with other classmates. There was no network infrastructure to share and enhance their learning.

We now have connected the isolated teaching rooms and the principal's office. This allowed for resources to be shared easily between the classrooms, and provided internet access to all students, teachers and our principal.

To prevent unauthorized access we installed network security and web filtering software on all computers. Children can now learn independently accessing the internet safely. Furthermore children can now learn widely and wisely, and select the right path for their future without fear and outside interference. Also sharing educational resources have paved the way to increase academic excellence and advance their critical thinking.

In this project we provided:

* High Speed SLT ADSL Broadband Line Activation and Installation
* 4 port ADSL wireless Router(ZTE) purchase From SLT
* Wood Shelf Installation for ADSL Router(office)
* Principal Office to Computer LAB Switch Uplink cable [CAT6] installation [40M]
* Power sockets (AC PLUG) Installation for Router (office), Computer Lab Switch
* Installation of licensed Network Security software on all Computers
* Network cable [CAT5] installation for Computer lab PCs
* Network Cable [CAT6] Installation for Principal Office, Library and Multimedia Room
* OS(Windows 7) Installation for old version OS Computers
* Office use applications installation for Administration and Computers

We have now removed communication barriers and increased administrative functions many fold at our school. All offices and authorities can now contact our school Mahalir M.V. at any time. Children can now learn how to work together. We have now paved a milestone for our children's future in real terms and expect from them more results.

Credits go to our CWN engineers who worked hard day and night to complete this project on time focusing just on children's need.

This project was funded by Swami Rajendra (Master).

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