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We have issued the results of our Mathematics Challenge to all candidates by e-mail.



We hereby proudly publish kind people who have donated for our causes in 2014:

RDS Roofing £10.00
Mrs. Bhavna Gor £10.00
73-born Valvettithurai Students ("73 Batch") £1500.00
Saraswathy Thayaparan £10.00
Chennai Dosa and Kanmani Jewellery £560.00
Kalaichelvi Surendra £10.00
Kalaranjani Kasinathan £10.00
Vijayalekshmi Vinodkumar £5.00
Nadia Syeda £5.00
Ponnampalam Jeganandan £10.00
Derpindar Singh £10.00
Premier Builders UK £20.00
Vasuthevar Nehru £20.00

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