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We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for CWN Mathematics Challenge 2018. To apply please visit the Mathematics Challenge section of this website.



We hereby proudly publish kind people who have donated for our causes in 2014:

RDS Roofing £10.00
Mrs. Bhavna Gor £10.00
73-born Valvettithurai Students ("73 Batch") £1500.00
Saraswathy Thayaparan £10.00
Chennai Dosa and Kanmani Jewellery £560.00
Kalaichelvi Surendra £10.00
Kalaranjani Kasinathan £10.00
Vijayalekshmi Vinodkumar £5.00
Nadia Syeda £5.00
Ponnampalam Jeganandan £10.00
Derpindar Singh £10.00
Premier Builders UK £20.00
Vasuthevar Nehru £20.00

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