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We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for CWN Mathematics Challenge 2018. To apply please visit the Mathematics Challenge section of this website.



We hereby proudly publish donors who have helped us to construct new toilets for Chithambara College.

Balaranjan £128.38 ($200 CAD)
Kalapathy £250.00
Nithiananthan £250.00
Kalai Nesan £291.49 (Rs. 60000 LKR)
Thankavel £300.00
Kumar (Canada) £320.94 ($500 CAD)
Jeyachandran £320.94 ($500 CAD)
Mr & Mrs Sivarajah £1,000.00
S. Surenthirathas £1,000.00
Swami Piremathas £1,000.00
Nehru (paid by Master) £50.00
E. Theivendran £100.00

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