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Our Mathematics Challenge feedback sessions are being scheduled. More details can be found on our Mathematics Challenge section.


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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our charity. We cannot achieve our goals without the help of a large number of dedicated volunteers, and we greatly appreciate support in making it possible for our charity to support more children.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, gain insight, grow personally, and help build a better society to help children prosper.


We are seeking volunteers to help us by:

1)  Publishing educational news online on our website and social media channels to teach children and build their interest in Scientific and Mathematical Thinking.

2)  Enhancing our website to expand our free online services.

3)  Raising awareness and collecting donations for our projects.

4)  Identifying schools in North and East Sri Lanka that are most disadvantaged from lack of quality teaching, resources, facilities, and liaising with the school on our behalf.

5)  Helping us to coordinate our Mathematics Challenge exam within an area in the UK.
Application process: Mathematics Challenge Exam Centre Co-ordinator

If you are interesting in volunteering please complete the form below and feel free to suggest any ideas that can take forward our vision.

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We proudly name our volunteers who have donated their time and effort to help us achieve our educational goals.

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